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Videobotics Legacy and Special Products

- Phone 805 349 1104 - 10AM-5PM in California

Videobotics has developed software for many robotic video and related devices (switchers, DVD players, VCRs, telescopes, etc.) since 1998. Many are now 'legacy' products (manufacturer-discontinued cameras, etc.) but we maintain availability of most of the older software products even for cameras and devices no longer manufactured. We also support video servers by Pixord and other items so the following list may be helpful if you are looking for something not featured in detail on the main Videobotics.com web site. If you have questions, please Call.

Videobotics also is available for special custom/contract development work related to many kinds of computer-controllable devices - pan/tilt, video switchers, matrix switches, recording and playback devices, and other items. A unique body of experience resides here after nearly 20 years of development of control technology for video equipment and we can put that to work for your custom/contract development project.

Web-Enabled Systems

Legacy Robotic Video Cam Support - Call
Sony EVI-D30, EVI-D100, RPU-2512, Vicon S2000 - Call
Elmo PTC-100 and 110, Canon VC-C1, C3, C4 - Call
Panasonic KX-DP602, KX-DP702, WV-CS854, Videolarm - Call

  • Applications

    Micro Video Cameras

  • Micro ColorCams

    Robotic Network/Ethernet Cams - Sony SNC-RZ30N, Panasonic KX-HCMxx, JVC VN-C3WU - Call

    Pan-Tilt w/Cam Control - Directed Perception PTU, Vicon S2000, CamMotion PTB - Call

    Legacy Support for Video Switchers - Newtek VT, ASEL16 - Call

    Video/DVD Record/Play - Recon DVR, VCR Control, Tape Logging - Call

    Legacy Robotic Meade ETX Telescopes - Call

    Relay Board

  • NCD R8 - Call

    Software Web-enabling for

  • Sony BRC-Z330
  • Sony BRC-Z700
  • Sony BRC-H700
  • Sony BRC-300
  • Sony EVI-HD1
  • Sony EVI-D70
  • Sony EVI-D100
  • Sony EVI-D30
  • Sony EVI-D31
  • Sony EVI-G20
  • Sony EVI-G21
  • Sony RNC-Z30
  • Sony RPU-2512
  • Sony LANC VCR
  • Vicon S2000
  • Elmo PTC-100S
  • Elmo PTC-110R
  • Canon VC-C1
  • Canon VC-C3
  • Canon VC-C4
  • Canon VC-C4R
  • Panas. KX-DP702
  • Panas. KX-DP602
  • Panas. WV-CS854
  • Panas. KX-HCM
  • JVC VN-C3xx
  • Hitachi VK-C77U
  • Meade ETX-60AT
  • Meade ETX-70AT
  • Bescor MP-101
  • Videolarm PDW
  • DP 4617 pan/tilt
  • DP 4670 pan/tilt
  • DP 300 pan/tilt
  • NCD Asel16
  • NCD R8
  • Pion. DVD-V8000
  • Pion. DVD-V5000
  • Pion. DVD-V7200
  • Pion. DVD-V7400
  • RS422 VCRs
  • LANC Cams
  • RS232<->TCP/IP