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Videobotics Control for Pioneer LX1 DVD Recorder

Automate EDL Creation and Telecine Applications of the ELX1 Improved support for Telecine auto-capture to DVD
ELX1: the pathway from telecine to a finished 'daily' DVD auto-captured by your LX1.

Here's what one studio production pro says about ELX1:
(March 8, 2004)
We really appreciate your ELX1 program. We are making dvd dailies from the Beta SP tapes that we get from our telecine department. Making an EDL for the LX1 ... was reduced to a point and click operation which saved us 15 to 20 minutes of work. You answered every question we had and even made the program do exactly what we wanted it to do. thank you,
Robert Spano
Paramount Pictures Post Production Engineering

Videobotics ELX1 Software For Windows

PLX1 Software

Videobotics NEW PLX1 software is a network-enhanced version of ELX1 which adds the ability to control the LX1 or VTR functions over any TCP/IP network (or internet) and obtain time readout at a remote location as well. For custom control panels using Java Applets, Servlets, or other network access features, contact Videobotics. Or you can write simple network-control scripts and control command lines using the Rebol language (available *free* at http://www.rebol.com).

ELX1 Logging Window Screen Shot

ELX1 logging window screen shot (100KBytes) Our tape logging window has a new feature which lets you select any EDL entry and instantly transfer the in/out points over to the main GUI as 'cue in' and 'cue out' points, ready to cue. Shown here with a set of cue/review points set or loaded from an existing tape-log EDL.

ELX1 can control and log footage from a standard RS422 VTR (log footage from tape, convert the EDL to LX1 format, and then have the LX1 batch-capture the footage to DVD!). When ELX1 controls a VTR, its main control GUI adapts to the full control features of an RS422 VTR (e.g. variable speed, jogging, shuttling, etc.) not available (yet) on the LX1. When controlling an LX1, ELX1 lets you use all the LX1's 'RS422 subset' of controls and you can view/log footage from the LX1's hard drive or a DVD with software control of the LX1's media transport.

ELX1 EDLMaker Window Screen Shot

Full size ELX1 conversion window screen shot showing a standard CMX3400 EDL loaded and instantly converted to Pioneer LX1 EDL format. (about 100KBytes)

No need to painstakingly enter EDL footage timecodes to make your LX1 EDL - let ELX1 read in your source tape log (EDL) and convert to LX1 format with one mouse-click. ELX1 can let you speedily take full advantage of the LX1's 'auto-capture' capability to batch your VTR footage direct to DVD.


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