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HDTItler - All NEW Portable Hi-Def CG Titler and Framestore Overlay System


We've introduced *and shipped* a revolutionary new titling/overlay system that lets you put up stored text and images onto live video. It's called HDTitler (and it also works with Standard Definition). HDTitler works with all of our Cosmos systems that use SE-600, SE-1200, and MCS8M video switchers. If you need to use it with your own video system we combine your video output with our overlay using TVOne's multi-resolution overlay/key device. You'll not find another hi-def titling system with this sophistication, simplicity, and low cost anywhere. You literally can put text overlays (lower thirds) onto live video from anywhere on the planet - the actual display overlay generator is operated remotely over the LAN or internet from a 'Design' tablet (or phone) app. It's pretty cool so...

Please see the HDTitler demonstration videos.
They say more than we could say here in 10000 words.

Quick Introduction to HDTitler


Longer Form HDTitler Intro

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