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Control Multiple DVD Players - Synchronize DVD Video Sources

"Your program is awsome!" - Guillermo S., PhotoTechnics, Mexico City, Mexico

PolyDVD Software For Multiple DVD Players
Supports Pioneer DVD-V8000, V5000, V7400, V7200

PolyDVD is an intelligent combination of independent and simultaneous control for Pioneer's DVD-V7400 and DVD-V7200, DVD-V5000, and new DVD-V8000 DVD players. See the screenshot (of 4-unit version, PolyDVD4), below.

PolyDVD4 Screen Shot

Click on this image to see it in full resolution. The screenshot shows PolyDVD4 running control panels for two DVD players (a DVD-V7200 and a DVD-V8000) and the Master control panel below them for control of both players simultaneously.
PolyDVD4 permits opening up to 4 individual player control panels.
PolyDVD8 permits opening up to 8 individual player control panels.

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