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Videobotics Video Monitors, DVRs, Controllers, and System Accessories

We'll be adding more items so please call for these
and others not yet listed that you need for your system.

Options and Accessories

The Multi-View Video Monitor

DataVideo's 17" HD-SDI LED-backlit LCD monitor. The LCD displays all video source and output signals for simultaneous view (multi-view). This monitor has 2 HDMI, VGA, YUV (component), S-video, and 2 composite video inputs - all user selectable, and selectable SD or HD aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9). You can use it for all your display monitor needs and it's perfect as the multi-view display for all Cosmos systems.
Add $1099.00

High Definition Streaming and Recording

The Datavideo NVS-25 is allows live-streaming to Youtube, Facebook, and other popular newest generation services as well as recording your HD video right onto a USB drive for later editing or uploading for video-on-demand viewing.
Full Datavideo NVS-25 Info

Add $799.00.

Cosmos Tablet Control Panels

Our new ReCosmos Android Tablet control panel app for Cosmos systems equipped with network-remote support.
Full Cosmos Tablet Controller Info Page

Optional Tablet-controlled CG/Titling System For All Cosmos Systems

Our all-new HDTitler combines a powerful graphics/text overlay stand-alone HD title-overlay device that plugs right into your SE-1200 and lets the SE-1200 act as the 'keyer' to overlay your CG banners and images. The CG designer/controller is a separate Android tablet package running wirelessly to control the font, text and banner color, user-selectable banner images, even show full-screen still-stores. Add $2500.00 (complete - Android Tablet with Android Display Generator, all software installed)
Full HDTitler Info

HD-SDI to Analog-Component Output Converter For Cosmos H100

Use this Datavideo DAC-50 converter to connect the HD-SDI output of the MCS8M to your HD component big-screen display or projector. Add $550.00.
Other converters available for HDMI to HD-SDI, etc. - CALL.

HD-SDI Four Ouput HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier For Cosmos H100

Use this Datavideo VP-445 HD-SDI DA to expand the outputs of the MCS8M to multiple devices or video paths. Add $480.00.

Other Options

Videobotics can provide other devices, extras, and add-ons like recorders, internet-remote control options, and more. We're happy to help with special applications. Please CALL to discuss your needs.

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