Videobotics Cosmos S12: Flexible and Powerful Hi-Def Multicamera Systems

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Preferred by churches, government, and theatrical and corporate customers worldwide.

Cosmos S12 systems include Sony robotic cameras, Datavideo SE-1200 video mixer & Cosmos control software.

With Cosmos S12 you have a choice of up to seven Sony SRG-300H (HDMI) or SRG-300S (HDSDI) cameras. But the SE-1200 offers even more flexibility because you can also mix hi-def and composite video cameras or sources and use them at the same time on the SE-1200 system. The SE-1200 has 4 HD-SDI inputs (for up to 1080i) and 2 HDMI video inputs (up to 1080i or 1080p). You can use any combination those inputs at once.

We recommend Sony's SRG300 camera line (with 30X optical zoom) for Cosmos S12 systems but Cosmos S12 can also support Sony's SRG-120 (12X zoom). All Cosmos S12 systems include the proven Cosmos control software to operate your whole setup.

Cosmos S12
2, 3, or 4
Sony SRG-300
30X Optical Zoom





Some Recent Customer Feedback

  • ...the best find was the software controller application package by Videobotics. ...a tool called “CamMotion Pro70” that was easy to install, intuitive to operate and powerful in its control features. Videobotics provides tested USB to RS232 convertors and some circuitry that uses standard CAT network cables to extend the distance between the computer and you from the camera. Videobotics provides personal service via phone or email ... equipment can be upgraded to multiple cameras and video switchers. (2010 - RB in Granite Bay, CA)

  • We need a second one of your CamMotion Pro300 so hereby we order as attached... (2010 - DG in Sweden)

  • We have your software working fine with four EVI-D70 cameras and the SE500 for a year now - in West Bengal, so well done... (2010 - AC in India)

  • Grace Community Church purchased the Cosmos S5 System from Videobotics in October, 2009. Our purchase decision was based on pricing, extremely friendly and knowledgeable customer service \ technical support, but primarily for the Cosmos control software which is only available through Videobotics. As a small church with limited video resources, the software removed the complicated controlling process simplifying the entire system. A lightly trained individual can be up and running in minutes, literally. With the additional functionality of macros and user defined settings, the software is uniquely powerful allowing us to use volunteers even for complex video functions. Look no further, you will be pleased with your purchase. (2009 - Southlake, TX)

  • "The Cosmos System has provided flawless performance in helping us with an end-to-end automated broadcast system." (2009 - Bryan Halley - 214 432-5905 - now has installed over 15 Cosmos systems for government video)

  • Went to church Sunday, after the service I wired the cameras as you said & I'm so happy they all work the way you said they would...any one wants to call & talk to me my phone # is 906-297-8002... - Paul Kuiper - First Union Church - Cedarville, MI - February 24, 2008

    More Customer Comments

    Cosmos and CamMotion systems are in use in churches, city governments, and other applications in
    New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, California, Arizona, and all the way to Canada, Nigeria and India.

      Three Main Cosmos S12 System Components - Plus Optional Extras

    1. The Robotic Computer-Controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

      Sony Cosmos S12 includes 2-4 robotic (computer-controllable pan/tilt/zoom) SRG300 cameras.These popular Sony robotic cameras have excellent video quality and performance. Panning and tilting through wide angles of motion, superb optical zoom, and set up for HD-SDI for true hi-def studio-quality peformance. They also support both RS232 and RS422 (long distance over 1000 meters, not available on EVI-HD1) control signals. In addition the cameras can be mounted either 'up' or 'hanging upside down' for your convenience (except for EVI-HD1, 'up' only). The optional choice of SRG-120 cameras has 12X zoom, mounts upright only, and has more limited pan/tilt range, at a bit lower cost (please call for details in SRG-120 systems).
      Sony SRG-300 Camera Full Info and Pictures - 30X, 1Chip

    2. Full HD Datavideo SE-1200 (6-input) HD-SDI/HDMI Switcher

        Datavideo's SE-1200 switcher for Cosmos S12 systems includes the Datavideo SE-1200 rack-mount switcher unit itself and Datavideo's RMC-260 control surface to permit manual operation with T-bar, pushbuttons, and related operator controls.

        Datavideo SE-1200 Video Mixer/Switcher Full Info
        Datavideo RMC-260 Controller for SE-1200 Full Info

      • The Cosmos Software

        Tying together the whole package is the software heart of the Cosmos system: the Cosmos software package (for Windows PCs). Cosmos software gives you detailed direct camera positioning (pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and more), preset-positions, and video settings (white balance, backlight, brightness) for the robotic cameras. And the Cosmos software also communicates with the switcher to allow direct operation of the 'wipe' (pull the T-bar) and 'preset camera' selection functions from the camera control GUI. With this powerful package of software you can control all your cameras individually, set up your shots, and switch video sources. Cosmos is an invaluable integration of camera-control with switcher operations for use with live production setups like small studios, churches, meeting rooms, and more. Now Cosmos robotic cameras can become integrated with your switcher into a studio-like operating environment in a single package that can be run by one person PC (even a laptop or tiny netbook) console. And it's extremely easy to install and use - you can get going in a few minutes.

        Cosmos Software Details:

        • One operator controls your cameras *and* your switcher.
        • Control robotic cameras' pan/tilt/zoom and white balance, backlight, and more - no 'on screen' menus.
        • Cosmos communicates and interacts with your switcher:
          • When you select a camera on Cosmos, that cam is selected on the Preview (SUB) row of your switcher
          • When you manually select a camera on the switcher's Preview (SUB) row, that camera is activated for interactive control in the Cosmos software GUI
          • Cosmos also has controls to activate the 'TAKE' and 'AUTO' functions of your switcher so you can position a cam and then switch it to main output directly from the Cosmos software
        • Control positioning of your cameras 5 ways:
          • mouse click/drag to position camera interactively
          • buttons for small-increment up/down/left/right motions
          • click-and-hold buttons for slow smooth continuous pan/tilt motions
          • at least 6 presets of pan/tilt/zoom and all camera settings, some cams support 4 additional presets of pan/tilt/focus/zoom
          • all operations (pan, tilt, etc.) can be handled by an optional Contour ShuttlePro control surface (plugs into a USB port)
        • Additional controls are provided for:
          • White Balance, Backlight, and Brightness, Iris, Gain, and many more 'optical' adjustments
          • Focus - in/out/auto/manual : Zoom - in/out/maximum/minimum
          • 9 user-configurable buttons for 'macros' (simple or complex text-script sequences of camera and switcher operations)
          • One-button 'AutoTour' feature for touring the presets with user-selectable 'dwell time'
          • Most commands are supported on the GUI and through your keyboard
        • Optional support for full control remotely over TCP/IP network (LAN and Internet) for complete 'remote studio operation'

        More Software Info And Screen Shot Image

      • Options and Accessories

        The Multi-View Video Monitor

        DataVideo's 17" HD-SDI LED-backlit LCD monitor. The LCD displays all video source and output signals for simultaneous view (multi-view). This monitor has 2 HDMI, VGA, YUV (component), S-video, and 2 composite video inputs - all user selectable, and selectable SD or HD aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9). You can use it for all your display monitor needs and it's perfect as the multi-view display for all Cosmos systems.
        Add $1099.00

        High Definition Streaming and Recording

        The Datavideo NVS-25 is allows live-streaming to Youtube, Facebook, and other popular newest generation services as well as recording your HD video right onto a USB drive for later editing or uploading for video-on-demand viewing.
        Full Datavideo NVS-25 Info

        Add $799.00.

        Cosmos Tablet Control Panels

        Our new ReCosmos Android Tablet control panel app for Cosmos systems equipped with network-remote support.
        Full Cosmos Tablet Controller Info Page

        Optional Tablet-controlled CG/Titling System For All Cosmos Systems

        Our all-new HDTitler combines a powerful graphics/text overlay stand-alone HD title-overlay device that plugs right into your SE-1200 and lets the SE-1200 act as the 'keyer' to overlay your CG banners and images. The CG designer/controller is a separate Android tablet package running wirelessly to control the font, text and banner color, user-selectable banner images, even show full-screen still-stores. Add $2500.00 (complete - Android Tablet with Android Display Generator, all software installed)
        Full HDTitler Info

        HD-SDI to Analog-Component Output Converter For Cosmos H100

        Use this Datavideo DAC-50 converter to connect the HD-SDI output of the MCS8M to your HD component big-screen display or projector. Add $550.00.
        Other converters available for HDMI to HD-SDI, etc. - CALL.

        HD-SDI Four Ouput HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier For Cosmos H100

        Use this Datavideo VP-445 HD-SDI DA to expand the outputs of the MCS8M to multiple devices or video paths. Add $480.00.

        Other Options

        Videobotics can provide other devices, extras, and add-ons like recorders, internet-remote control options, and more. We're happy to help with special applications. Please CALL to discuss your needs.

    Cosmos gives you a Windows-desktop software control system for multiple robotic video cameras and a studio quality AV mixer/switcher. Using top-quality Sony pan/tilt/zoom cameras, Cosmos adds a control panel GUI that lets you position, zoom, and focus your cameras while they are in 'preview', under computer control - all while you are operating your video switcher in your live productions.

    Our switchers offer a full broadcast-quality with portable desktop video capability to your studio (with built-in frame-sync on all channels). Multiview outputs let you see all cameras on a single monitor.

    Cosmos systems integrate cameras and switcher into a single PC-controlled studio package at a very affordable price. Cosmos is an ideal system for live production setups like PEG tv studios, churches, meeting rooms, and more. Now Cosmos easily integrates it all into a single package that can be run by one person with a PC, laptop, or even a tiny netbook.

    You get the newest Videobotics proven Cosmos camera control software and optional network-remote (LAN/internet) of your whole system. This is the same proven cam control system used by Eastman Chemical, JPL, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, many city governments, and churches all over the USA and even in Canada, Nigeria, and India. We ship worldwide.

    Cosmos: The most powerful integrated interactive robotic camera switcher systems available - at very affordable prices

    Configuration Choices: Cosmos S12 Systems with 2, 3, or 4 Sony SRG Cameras

    PLEASE CALL for pricing.
    Custom Configurations available up to 7 cameras and other Sony camera models, please call.

    Do you already own cameras and/or a switcher? We can configure the Cosmos package for your unique combination of pre-existing equipment. Just CALL.

    Additional Product Information Notes

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