Videobotics CamMotion ProZ3 Direct and Network Control Sony BRC-Z330 Camera

ProZ3CamMotion ProZ3 = Sony BRC-Z330 Camera + CamMotion Software - $5199.95

  • Powerful integrated interactive true Hi-Def robotic cam system now offered by Videobotics - at a very affordable price. The BRC-Z330: fast, silent, 350 deg pan with 18X true optical zoom. This camera *combines* Hi-Def and Standard-Def in one camera - with ability to output *both* true HD and SD video simultaneously. The built-in SD output means you can monitor this camera with standard low-cost SD video monitors (in 'squeeze', letterbox, or 'cropped' SD mode). A very sophisticated all-in-one studio-quality color camera with uniquely advanced technology features: