Videobotics CamMoton ProSRG Control Sony SRG-300 and SRG-120 Cameras

ProH100CamMotion ProSRG300H = Sony SRG-300H Camera + CamMotion Software - $2999.95

  • The newest integrated 1080i/1080p HDMI Camera and Control system available - at a very affordable price.
  • Small, fast, quiet, and with 30X optical zoom (and 12X digital). This is Sony's newest 'video conferencing' camera, a true HD camera, with great features like 30X optical zoom, 340-deg pan, 14 video modes, and ultra-quiet operation.
  • Want a full HDMI or HD-SDI multi-camera production system today? Datavideo SE-1200 HD-SDI/HDMI Video Switcher/Mixer available - Call
  • A sophisticated all-in-one CCD color A/V camera with advanced motion and lens-control features: Software Info
    Special CamMotionProSRG Screen Shot

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