Videobotics CamMotion Pro80 Direct and Network Control Sony EVI-D80 Camera

Pro80CamMotion Pro80 = EVI-D80 Cam + CamMotion Software - $1479.95

  • A powerful integrated interactive P/T/Z robotic cam system - at a very affordable price.
  • Tiny, fast, quiet, and with 216X zoom (18X optical, 12X digital). This is Sony's best 'video conferencing' camera, a replacement for the venerable EVI-D70, still with great features like 18X optical zoom, 340-deg pan, switchable for hanging or upright mounting - but also quieter pan/tilt operation and greatly improved low-light performance.
  • A sophisticated all-in-one CCD color A/V camera with advanced motion and lens-control features: Software Info
    Special CamMotionPro80 Screen Shot

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